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Assistance in debt collection procedure

« Tele » debt collection assistance (distance debt collection) :

Analysis of different behaviors in the relationship with the customer

• Standing appointments

• Negotiation

• Achieving

• Case studies : we work from actual records prepared by the trainees (twenty per trainee) in phone calls.

• The attitude to adopt towards the different behavior of debtors

• How to negotitate a schedule

• Validate the current financial situation of the debtor and the causes of the outstanding

• Confirm its commitments

• Threats to highlight in the event of total refusal of engagement

How to prepare, from the friendly stage, the possible move to litigation by gathering information

Validate the information submitted by the debtor with its banking partner

• Reaction in case of bad faith

Duration: one or two consecutive days or not
Price: 1500 € Vat excluded + travelling expenses

The effectiveness of the written reminder and the judicial recovery:

The criteria of effectiveness of a email recovery

• Examples of correspondence types by customer profile

• Define recovery scenarios

• Develop an historical reminders - paying Profile

Terms of sale and litigious actions

Written in response to incidents of payment: check,

The notice and order to pay (a form of time)

The establishment of a moratorium of payment: clause of forfeiture of the term and interest calculation

The conditions and modalities of implementation of various measures

Legal actions in payment order for payment, interim allowance, assignment to the bottom

To enforcement: the different seizures

The role and management of various mediators of Justice


Customer and supplier risk management assistance

« Tele » questioning to obtain financial information

- The sources and nature of information

- Communication Techniques

- Filling of questioning

- The analysis of cash position

- Realization of case studies

Financial analysis


The balance sheet, income statement

The annual report

  • annexes
  • Annual Reports
  • Report auditors


Approach of basic ratios

About the Financial Analysis limits

Case Studies

Customer and supplier Risk management

The use of public and legal information + databases

- Research through databases

- Internet research

- Research from the public information

- Search Releases

- Kbis, statutes, reports on a meeting

Taking guarantees


Analysis of different behaviors in the relationship with the customer